NCC Off-Campus Housing
Student HousingShort-term room available; other rooms available December/January
Short-term room available; other rooms available December/January
544 Kevin Drive
City, State & Zip:
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Minimum Lease Term:
3 month lease
Fully Furnished
Monthly per Student:
Total Monthly Price:
Total Security Deposit:
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Short-term Room Available; Other Rooms Available December/January

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This 180 square foot house has 1 floor, 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom. If 1 student lived here, the cost would be $400 per month. The total initial deposit cost is $400.
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Andrew says:
We are now fully booked; one room will be available for a short-term learn, from August 26th - September 30th if any student needs a short-term situation. There will be new openings in December/January, so if you are looking for something for that time, please write now and reserve your space in advance. Our spacious & friendly home has hosted studentsâ€"grad students, visiting profs and mature undergradsâ€"since 2010. Rooms are fully furnished w/full-sized beds, desk, bookcase(s) & dresser. The rental amount includes room, electric, water & hi-speed wi-fi. Bathroom (renovated in 2016) is shared by three boarders. The home is in a green, quiet suburban neighborhood 4.5 miles north of Lehigh University (about a 15 min. drive) and 3.5 miles north of Moravian College (about a 10 min. drive, also bikeable) (we're near Rte 22 & Center St.). The house has a central air system installed 05/2016. There is a shared kitchen with modern appliances & laundry facilities; three full bathrooms, and one half-bath. There is plenty of refrigerator/freezer space. There is a common space with an electronic piano and 55" in flat-screen TV with access to streaming channels. The back deck has a large gas grill; there is a large back yard. Prospective boarders should have normal working/sleeping hours (the house is very quiet between around 11:30 pm and 7 am) and be willing to live respectfully with others in the home. Male and female boarders are welcome; at present both are represented in the home. Street parking in front of the home and driveway parking shared by all residents. Different lease options are available depending on the situation. No pets / no smoking home. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to write or call. It will be helpful, with your inquiry, to let us know a) your academic affiliation and field of study; b) the date when you'd like to move in; and c) the length of the lease you would like to have. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Prices shown below are per student per month.
School Year: Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
2018 - 2019
$395 per month
$395 per month
$395 per month
2019 - 2020
$395 per month
$395 per month
$395 per month
2020 - 2021
$395 per month
$395 per month
$395 per month


Gas Grill
Stove / Range
Coffee Maker
High Speed Internet
Air Conditioning
Deck / Patio
Street Parking
Driveway Parking
No Pets
No Smoking


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